The Toner Plastics Group

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The Toner Plastics Group is an integrated manufacturing company owned by Mr. Steven Graham with its headquarters in East Longmeadow, MA. Its affiliated companies include The Beadery, Modern Mold & Tool, and Streamline Plastics Co. Inc.

Since 1989, Toner Plastics has been manufacturing extruded products to exact customer specifications with an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service, and is currently a world leader in 3D printer filament products. While the company has many of its own products that are found in the 3D printing, craft and toy markets, Toner Plastics focuses on manufacturing extruded products for industrial OEM customers.

The Beadery (formerly Greene Plastics Corporation) is an injection molding manufacturer and the oldest manufacturer of plastic beads in the United States. The Beadery has in house capabilities for part design, injection mold design and fabrication, injection molded parts production, kit assembly and fulfillment. The Beadery has over 10,000 of its own product SKU’s and supplies the fashion, craft, and toy industries with beads of all shapes, sizes and colors. The company also private labels and supplies many wholesalers, distributors, and retailers with product.

Shortly after its acquisition by Steven Graham in 2013, The Beadery launched its blockbuster Wonder Loom rubber band bracelet product line, sold at major retailers such as Walmart. As a result of the success, the companies received recognition from Walmart and the the State of Massachusetts. In June of 2017, The Beadery acquired Quality Bead Craft Inc. of Bloomfield, CT.

Modern Mold & Tool was acquired by the Toner Plastics Group in January 2016. An extremely capable and reputable tooling design and injection molding operation, Modern Mold & Tool is the custom injection molding arm of the group and services many high-tech industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive, and defense.

The group’s most recent acquisition comes with the addition of Streamline Plastics Inc. of Bronx, NY in early 2017. Streamline Plastics is a leading injection molding and extrusion company on the east coast supplying the display industry, the toy industry, writing instruments and product for a variety of custom applications. The injection molding and extrusion operations are currently in the process of being relocated to Modern Mold & Tool and Toner Plastics, respectively.

What also gives Toner Plastics an advantage over its competitors is its relationship with S&E Specialty Polymers, a former Toner Plastics Group company and premier specialty plastics compounder which allows for the streamlined development of custom formulations for specific extruded product applications.

Toner Plastics and S&E Specialty Polymers shared common ownership and management for more than twelve years until the October 2017 sale of S&E to Aurora Plastics LLC of Streetsboro, Ohio. Today the two companies continue working very closely together to continue to support Toner’s “one stop shop” approach to plastics manufacturing.

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