Toner Plastics extrudes plastic products and specializes in custom formulations. Customers enjoy a single point of contact when realizing their product goals, which may include plastics compounding, extrusion, injection molding and tool making Рall handled systematically and efficiently.

Toner Plastics’ products can be found in several industries including point of purchase display,¬†3D printing, wire & cable, industrial safety, plastic welding, toy, and children’s crafts. Contact us if you’d like us to take a look at making your product.

Our Products

Extruded Products

Toner Plastics' extruded products can be found in several industries including 3D printing, wire and cable, industrial safety, and children's crafts.



The Beadery is Toner Plastics' consumer products injection molding arm, and is the oldest provider of craft beads in the country. Our primary focus is providing custom injection molded product solutions to OEM applications.